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Rex Smith

Tegratecs Development Corp.
Sr. Developer (ERP & Web)
Schaumburg, IL
Rex is a Sr. Developer at Tegratecs and enjoys developing in both ERP and web environments. He is currently doing development work in RPG (at least 3 flavors), CLP, c#, DB2 for i and SQL Server (not all at once of course) and in his spare time, he likes to golf and play keyboards.
This past year and half, Rex has worked to develop integrated ACH and commercial card transactions in a new release of Financial Portrait Accounts Payable. Communications with the banks are done via sftp. More recently he has been lead developer in their Mobile ASPX TechCrystals Code Package. In one of his COMMON presentations this year, Rex will be exposing strategy in the programming routines behind this software product and how it is able to present different web/mobile views. Rex feels that there is broad applicability to the techniques used in this product, for languages such as PHP, in cases where HTML is being written at run time.

Rex first learned SQL at Indiana University. Over the past few years, he has spent a good deal of energy getting the word out on how great Db2 for i interacts with the MS .NET web environment and has a new presentation on this for COMMON 2019. He is also creating a new presentation on how to create a master file data layer using SQL PL and Db2 for i stored procedures. SQL PL stored procedures are consumable from nearly all environments. The master file data layer presentation will provide explicit examples and details.

Rex is on the Board of The Omni User, a Chicago-based user group focusing on IBM i and surrounding technologies, where it is sometimes difficult for him to keep his enthusiasm for late model Db2 for i releases under control. In his spare time, he likes to golf and play keyboards!